[ Hacker Night School ] :: Command VM: a Windows Red-Team VM from FireEye

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Have any of you built the Metasploitable 3 target VM? It’s not a simple job, but you can do it if you can follow instructions.

Now FireEye has created a Windows red-team VM, the “Commando VM” (sorry but that makes me think of “going commando”).

Creating a Windows attack or victim machine is tricky because of licensing. Metasploitable 3 does it by installing tools over a 90-day licensed Windows demo installation, which means you’ll have to rebuild it periodically. Commando VM does it by simply making you install a Windows VM with your own media/license, and installing the tool set on top of that.

I haven’t downloaded and built this yet, but I will. We’d all like to hear from anyone who’s used this VM. Could be pretty cool …