Access Blocked Sites: the Holy Unblocker

A fellow teacher tells me about the “Holy Unblocker,” a proxy service that lets school kids get around their school’s web restrictions. It looks to me like it could be useful for other people, perhaps people living under regimes that want to control their access to knowledge and communications. This proxy is insidious: it uses multiple proxy services, and maintains a constantly-updated list of currently working servers. You can use an online version of Holy U, or download the code and self-host the service. You do have to get involved with their Discord to keep up with the current servers list, so this isn’t a set it and forget it operation. But if you really, really need to get to a blocked site, this appears to be a very good solution.
Here’s the online service:
Here’s the Github repo for the code:
Join Titanium Network’s Discord for more official site links:
Holy Unblocker
Holy Unblocker