Dox means doc, the abbreviation of the English word document and a Slang of document. For attackers it’s like a weapon and for mad scientists it’s a treasured habit. This method is employed to acquire information of someone by hacking, social engineering and searching publicly available information and social media websites like Facebook. It might be carried out for various reasons for instance; to persuade, online shame, business analysis, aid law enforcement, harassment and so forth.

Race Start

Min Mg Mg was being curious a girl who he barely met at a café. Since he was so embarrassed to introduce himself to her he wished if he could know a bit of her background. Fortunately he observed that the girl had taken selfie and checked in on the facebook. “Yes, she currently has a vulnerability that’s “check in”, I need to test another if there is the other vulnerability out of two, “public post” please.” He said when he was searching her checking in on the page of the café where they were.

Race End

We never shall post publicly and shall disclose ourselves where we currently are on the social network ever. Since you might not realize who is doxxing you, you shouldn’t rest your assured no one is. We will link (Click here) you to one demonstration video based on this article.


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