Understanding CompTIA Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

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The hardest part of the CompTIA exams is knowing how deep your knowledge has to be. You have a ton of material to cover, so learn what you need to know, but don’t try to earn a Ph.D. doing this!

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a thing most teachers know, but few ever show it to their students. Basically, it’s a tiered diagram of levels of understanding, from the simplicity of Remember, all the way up to the master expertise of Create.

When you review CompTIA Objectives, note how each one starts with “Explain” (which is a more advanced than just remembering) or “Implement” (meaning you’ll need that expert-level knowledge). This can guide you while you study: you’ll need to read deeply on topicsĀ  you’ll have to Implement, but simple memorization will get you through explaining a topic.

See discussion and a good diagram here:

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Write Effective Learning Outcomes