Free CompTIA Online Cert Study for 60 days during the COVID crisis

CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner Program

Okay fellow hackers, unless you’re Bruce Wayne and money doesn’t matter, you should grab free stuff when it comes your way! In this case a lot of you could use the CompTIA Security+ to add weight to your resume. Use this offer for 60 days’ access, study like mad for free, then take the cert test for $349 and you’ve got one of the most in-demand certs in the job market.

Plus it’s great study for your hacking skillz. Here’s the offer they sent me:

Dear Glenn,

CompTIA is supporting our Authorized Academic Partners and their students during this challenging time with complimentary access to CertMaster Practice. As your students near the final stages of the Spring term and prepare for the CompTIA certification exam, let’s keep them engaged and raise their confidence.

CompTIA and Amplifire developed CertMaster Practice, an adaptive eLearning exam prep tool to identify each student’s unique knowledge gaps, provide remediation and reinforce existing learning with the goal of mastery.

This CertMaster Practice Offer Includes:

  • Complimentary 60 days access
  • Students select one CertMaster Practice to accompany their course: ITF+, A+, Network+ or Security+

CertMaster Practice Features:

  • Quick knowledge assessment
  • Adaptive learning that reinforces existing and new knowledge
  • Personalized feedback
  • Real-time learning analytics

To Activate:

Please share the registration link below with your students immediately: