Virtualization with VMware Vsphere and View

C63136, VMware, vSphere View Design & Implementation, Section FZ1


VMware Vsphere Design, Sybex


To gain an introductory working knowledge of VMware virtualization, and clustering and VDI management applications including vCenter Server and View.

Course Outline

Day 1

Discuss virtualization and hypervisors

VMware Workstation vs. ESX vs. ESXi

The VMware stack:


Vsphere Client

Vcenter Converter

VMware Tools


View Agent

View Client

Hands On:

Register with, download and install Vsphere Client.

Download and install ESXi on a physical host; use DCUI

Day 2

Using Vsphere Client

Managing and configuring the physical host (32)

Creating, managing, converting and configuring virtual machines (35)

Hands On:

Download and install Vcenter Server

Hardware requirements (50)

Vcenter design considerations

Types of virtualization (92)

Day 3

Networking (119)

Physical net

Virtual networking and vSwitches

Virtual Distributed Switches (VDSs)

Storage (145)

VM provisioning

Day 4

Building virtual machines (189)

VM storage

Clones, templates, vApps (224)

Hands On:

Build and prepare Windows XP and/or Windows 7 VDI VMs

Day 5

Datacenter design (237)

Affinity rules (251)

Hands On:

Download and install View, View Agent, View Client

Optimize VDI VMs

Day 6

Provisioning desktops with View




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