Network+: Routing Protocols

Routing Protocols

Internal Protocols

RIP (v1)

  • Max hop count of 15
  • Routing table updates every 30 seconds, and the WHOLE TABLE
  • No VLSM (CIDR)
  • No authenticiation

RIP v2

  • Yes VLSM
  • Authentication added

IGRP (Cisco proprietary)


  • Noisy boot HELO packets
  • then LSAs to converge
  • Metric is COST not HOPS
  • Authentication
  • Prevents loops
  • Detect and corrects link errors/failurs
  • Converges immediately
  • v3 supports IPv6
  • Area 0 is the backbone (or only) layer, to divide routers into smaller areas for fast convergence and small routing tables


  • Lin-state proto
  • IPv6 Native from its creation
  • ISP standard router
  • Multi-pathing!!!!!

Exterior Protocols


  • Distance-vector


  • Ties ASs together