A+ Topic: Virtualization

The A+ doesn’t require a deep knowledge of virtualization, but you should know the following, at least:

  • What a VMM is
  • What a hypervisor is
  • Type 1 hypervisors
  • Type 2 hypervisors

We’ll be using virtual machines (VMs) in this class, on the open-source VirtualBox platform. Here’s what you need to do, assuming you’re on Windows:

  1. Download and install 7zip so you can handle .7z files. As with all software, download it from the source, not from a mass download site.
  2. Download and install Oracle VirtualBox. Select the version for “Windows Hosts”, of course.
  3. Go to a site you’ll learn to love, OSBoxes:
    Click on “VM Images”, then select “VirtualBox Images”.
    Download Ubuntu: plain, vanilla Ubuntu, not “Ubuntu MATE” or anything else. Just Ubuntu.
  4. Now watch this video, and do as the narrator does, EXCEPT:
    –>**Put your virtual machines, each in a separate folder, in C:\Users\Public\VirtualBoxVMs **<– Notice there are no spaces!!!