[ IT Jobs ]

My students know I keep an IT Jobs mailing list, but I don’t generally advertise the fact. Frankly, you’re only getting on it if I know you personally, though since I’ve been managing the Hacker Highschool version 2 update that circle’s getting large. This morning I sent the group some thoughts I share here.


Hello everyone – I hope you’ve had good holidays, and we’re all headed toward a better year –

L. passes along an opportunity in IT in county government. If Otero County is a good venue for you, take a look at this.

I haven’t gotten many postings to pass along recently because most of them fill almost immediately. Some students are getting hired before they even finish their cert courses. Demand is that strong, at least for the right type of geek.

That geek knows IT but doesn’t have her head in the clouds. That geek talks easily with people, especially clients or bosses, and makes himself really clear in the simplest way. That geek knows a line of business – ANY line of business – and can interact with accountants or morticians. In my experience, once you’re known, the jobs come looking for *you*.

That geek is YOU or you wouldn’t be on this list!