RoboRAVE: from a middle-school gym to an international event

There’s a very cool event born and grown right here in Albuquerque: RoboRAVE, for 2014 a three-day event at the Albuquerque Convention Center, runs simultaneously in several countries including, appropriately, Alburquerque, Spain; Columbia; China; France; and the Czech Republic. You can find a Alb. Journal article at

I see that a nonprofit called Inquiry Facilitators has run some 200 workshops for students. The original project rose from CNM teacher Fabian Lopez, who spread his enthusiasm to several other teachers including the one vastly motivated Olga Vasquez, who teaches high school robotics, rocketry and microsystems at East Mountain High near Albuquerque. In other words, a small core of three or four people made all this happen.

We could replicate this growth with Hacker Highschool ( using the same methods: start with a one-day event, make it fun and truly interesting, and spread the word. Run it in several cities, if possible, and share video and screen captures. This seems to me (now that Hacker Highschool has eaten my life) like a valid immediate model.

Team HHS, comments? Email them to me.


[ IT Jobs ]

My students know I keep an IT Jobs mailing list, but I don’t generally advertise the fact. Frankly, you’re only getting on it if I know you personally, though since I’ve been managing the Hacker Highschool version 2 update that circle’s getting large. This morning I sent the group some thoughts I share here.


Hello everyone – I hope you’ve had good holidays, and we’re all headed toward a better year –

L. passes along an opportunity in IT in county government. If Otero County is a good venue for you, take a look at this.

I haven’t gotten many postings to pass along recently because most of them fill almost immediately. Some students are getting hired before they even finish their cert courses. Demand is that strong, at least for the right type of geek.

That geek knows IT but doesn’t have her head in the clouds. That geek talks easily with people, especially clients or bosses, and makes himself really clear in the simplest way. That geek knows a line of business – ANY line of business – and can interact with accountants or morticians. In my experience, once you’re known, the jobs come looking for *you*.

That geek is YOU or you wouldn’t be on this list!


Hacker Highschool: Articles in Spanish

I’ve been discovering that Hacker Highschool is really popular in the Spanish-speaking world, so much so in fact that I’m considering really working on my rusty Spanish. Teaching opportunities in South America seem to be, ironically, more plentiful than here in the US.

“No te limites únicamente a los ordenadores. Los grandes hackers son muy creativos. Muchos de ellos son pintores, escritores o diseñadores. Los hackers pueden ser lo que en el campo de las ciencias políticas es El Príncipe de Maquiavelo”.

Check out this article in the respected newspaper El Mundo, “Lecciones de ‘hacking’ para adolescentes”:

And see another article in El Mercurio, “Con clases en línea enseñan a los adolescentes a ser hackers buenos” at

…assuming of course you speak Spanish…


One hacker has questions about Amazon’s drone delivery service

While drones in Afghanistan and elsewhere are unleashing Hellfire missiles on … well, my government swears they’re all terrorists … Amazon seems to be provoking some questions about its planned drone delivery service.

Hacker James Bartholomew has some questions for them and some of them are hilarious, like:

“5. Can I install my own Airmail delivery drone Air-defense system?”

Read them and laugh at