If the NSA demands phone records from Verizon, let’s just assume they demand them from everybody

This isn’t really news, the story that the NSA has been outed for requiring phone records for ALL users from Verizon. In the data and security business, we’ve known they’re doing that – and a whole lot more – for years. What’s important about this story is that it’s the first time many other Americans have heard that they’re under surveillance.

I’m not talking just about records of whom you called and who called you. Nor am I talking about records just of what you’ve done on your phone. The NSA also collects data on everyone’s – EVERYONE’S – web searches, site visits, comments and social media. The only safe assumption you can make is that everything you say, do, buy or look at is being studied by the NSA. (Including this post.) As one op-editor at the New York Times says, Obama loses all credibility over this:


How appropriate that there’s a picture circulating on the ‘Net of a merged Bush and Obama:

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