Video Discusses How Schools Don’t Teach Coding, Neglects To Mention Bad Industry Relations That Are The Reason Why

Yes, it’s true most American schools don’t teach coding. That’s because the software industry has waged a war against American workers. And our kids aren’t so stupid they haven’t noticed. But check out the pleas from the likes of Bill Gates, and remember that Microsoft actively works to shut out American applicants (see See …

How American companies lie about the availability of tech workers so they can bring in non-American workers

Microsoft, Facebook, and lots of other big corporations want to bring in lots more cheap H1B-visa workers. They say they can’t find Americans with tech skills. But the truth is, in their own words, they want to hire the cheaper foreign workers. They even work together with legal firms to use tactics like “fake ads” …

Do you have an Internet-connected Bluray box? Then you’re running a server.

Running a casual nmap scan against my home LAN (HLAN?) some time back, I noticed something new: what looked like a server offering several ports was running inside my firewall! I had a moment of intense cold sweat before I remembered we’d bought a new Sony Bluray player, a nice little Internet-connectable jobbie that I …

The shortage of security skills is costing us

“The shortage of skilled cyber security professionals is leading to more frequent and costly data breaches, the (ISC)2 Global information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) has revealed. “This is having a profound effect on the global economy, according to the study of more than 12,000 information security professionals worldwide conducted by Frost & Sullivan.”

How do I hack thee? Let me see your USB stick.

So let me put it like this: Your USB stick is a filthy little protuberance. Who has found this out the hard way? ‘Two power plants in the US were affected by malware attacks in 2012, a security authority has said.” ———————————————————

Hacker Highschool v.2 Lesson 2 is out

Hacker Highschool Lesson 2 has been out for exactly one day and we’re already getting inquiries for an answer key or guidelines for the exercises. Good thing we’re working on that! ——————————————