Can we trust Huawei hardware? Los Alamos National Labs can’t.

Okay, so Huawei won’t reveal the contents of certain areas of ROM on their routers and switches. No sweat. That’s a very clear message: They can’t trust us. Which means we positively can’t trust them. Got Huawei? Get rid of it fast. (Thanks Herbbie!) —————————————————————- detects practically any online device

We’re talking about webcams and routers, VoIP phones, wind turbines, you name it. What’s the point? To “pinpoint shoddy industrial controls.” Among other things. See it at ———————————————-

This is the new face of cyberwar: “Red October”

The recently discovered (by Kapersky Lab) Red October cyber espionage campaign digs up intelligence and re-uses it to gain deeper access: “The main purpose of the operation appears to be the gathering of classified information and geopolitical intelligence, although it seems that the information gathering scope is quite wide,” Kaspersky said. “During the past five …