What The Senate CyberSecurity Bill Means

Big Brother Wants to Watch You More Closely Department:

We are getting the shit hacked out of us. China peels us like grapes. Russia lies, defrauds and steals. Gangstas the world around see us as juicy targets.

So is the solution giving management of the Internet to the NSA? Controlling the security of major Internet corporations from the Federal level? Monitoring all traffic (directly violating Federal wiretapping laws)?

If any of these things give you a chill, take the time to read “What You Need To Know About The Senate Cybersecurity Bill” at:

And to evaluate the success and good engineering of past efforts, read about “the awful mess of Homeland Security’s social media surveillance program.” “[O]ne thing is for sure: If you’re the first person to tweet about a news story, or if you’re a community activist who makes public Facebook posts–DHS will have your personal information.” (http://www.fastcompany.com/1816814/department-of-homeland-security-explains-social-media-monitoring-project-to-congress)