Windows 7 God (or Satan) Mode

How about that: there’s a hidden master control panel in Windows 7 (surprise, surprise!) that you can access by creating a specially-named folder. Voila! That folder gives you “God Mode” access to all sorts of interesting things. Since I primarily work on a non-Windows platform, I’ll have to, ahem, access a Windows 7 machine to try it.

As one tipster tells me:

Hey Glenn,

Here’s the God Mode trick. Just make a new folder in windows and paste in this name:


Have fun!

Oh, yes. That’s sweet. So please, tell me more about undocumented means of accessing and modifying system configuration.

I did a quick AltaVista and found a CNet article with some details:

Understanding Windows 7’s ‘GodMode’

Just one thing: what do you want to bet this is disabled in a patch or service pack soon?