Corporate firewall a PITA? Here’s how to dodge it; Or, How to Get Your Business Hacked

Yeah, you can get designs for bombs on the Internet, too. Why should I be surprised that Wired magazine has a whole series of recipes for getting around that onerous corporate firewall at .

Find a public proxy, or if those are blocked, set up port forwarding, or set up a simple web proxy on your ISP account, or ….

Except that you are providing your computer as what we in networking call a “gateway” between the external Internet and your corporate network. And if you are doing this you are either a cracker, and deliberately malicious, or an idiot, and deserve to be fired and prosecuted. Because you are giving every hacker in the world a view into confidential, proprietary information.

So don’t be an idiot. But do watch out for people doing this.

(Thanks to the ever-present observer and tipster Herbbie.)