Pete Herzog’s ABZs of Cybersecurity

Z is for “Zen”
Take a breath and relax. Being safe isn’t hard to do. It just takes some getting used to, like tying your shoes or riding on the back of a flying dragon, things you probably are close to mastering by now. So don’t get frustrated by it. Just get into the habit of doing it and while you won’t notice you’re doing it, it will always be there for you when you do need it.
-“The ABZs of Cybersecurity,”

The hardest part of security is not implementing it; there are plenty of recipes for that. The hardest part is getting people to LET you implement security. “I can’t live without my WeatherBug!” they cry.

What I’m really talking about is security awareness, as is Pete Herzog above. Though I start you at the end of his discussion, you’ll find it a fascinating read from the beginning.

The thing I find crazy about this business is that its all about selling security: discussing benefits, making presentations, offering good arguments. But the truth is that without executive buy-in, all efforts toward security are for naught. So check out one of the best “salesmen” of cybersecurity I’ve ever known. Then send those critical people a link. Print it, and save it for your next opportunity.

Because doubtless it will come. The next crisis, after all, is only a click away.