Who the heck is Sonia Reeves?

There are so many crazy kinds of phishing going on that you can put almost anything in front of “-ishing” and you’ll be naming a real exploit. So what do we call this? Facephishing?

Check out this Facebook invitation:

Hi Glenn,
Sonia Reeves wants to be friends with you on Facebook.
The Facebook Team
Respond now:

To confirm (or quietly ignore) this request, go to:

This came by way of a (real) mutual friend, so I emailed him asking who the heck she is?

He replied, “Well, yesterday she hit me up for a chat on FB and then wanted to meet meĀ on another site. I did not go! I’m not sure what kind of site it really was!”

Good man! This is a really scary tactic; anybody else running into this, with Sonia Reeves or anyone else?