PHP I : Installation & Configuration

Installation and Configuration Issues

Windows vs. Unix

Development vs. Production Environments


Installing It All on Windows: The Hard Way

Elizabeth Fulgum’s Tutorial: Installing and Configuring

Especially note: Configuring the PHP.INI


Installing It All: The “Easy” Way

The WikiPedia Comparison of WAMPs at


WAMP5 at

phpdev Download and Installation Bundles from Firepages:



Why You Must Understand php.ini

php.ini is the supreme deity of the PHP world. There are at least three critical things you should consider setting:

  1. display_errors = on
    Setting this to “on” lets you see important debugging errors while you’re learning PHP.
  2. error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
    Perversely, you’ll want NOTICEs off to avoid excessive error messages; take it for granted that while you’re learning you’ll be violating some coding standards.
  3. register_globals = On
    This is a cheat. You can use it as training wheels early on, but it’s much better for you to learn to use superglobals. As early as possible, turn this back off.

You may also want to see if the short_open_tag setting is 1 (on).

See the University of Washington’s “Using a php.ini file” at

…as well as the “PHP.INI Setup!!” article at


To Do for This Section:

Get XAMPP from the Instructor’s Files.

Install it into C:\XAMPP.

Check the settings in your PHP.INI file(s).