Security+ Certification


  • A basic understanding of security issues
  • Familiarity with encryption, secure remote connections and protocols
  • Successful preparation to pass the CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

Text: CompTIA Security+ Certification, CompTIA Press

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Day 1

Introductions, skill assessment

Chapter 1: Mitigating threats

Chapter 2: Cryptography

Day 2

Chapter 3: Authentication systems

Chapter 4: User- and role-based security

Day 3

Chapter 5: Peripheral security

Chapter 6: Public Key Infrastructure

Day 4

Chapter 7: Application and messaging security

Chapter 8: Ports and protocols

Day 5

Chapter 9: Network security

Chapter 10: Wireless security

Day 6

Chapter 11: Remote access security

Chapter 12: Vulnerability testing and monitoring

Day 7

Chapter 13: Organizational security

Chapter 14: Business continuity